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The unforeseen outbreak of a pandemic (COVID-19) in the year of 2020 has imposed an involuntary suspension in people's lives around the globe. In the effort to stamp out the virus spreading, many governments have taken drastic measures and made their countries go into a forced lockdown where people are banned to go out and confined to their immediate domestic environments. This current situation we are facing is uncanningly depicted by Albert Camus in his famous novel The Plague, ‘...all these people found themselves, without the least warning, hopelessly cut off, prevented from seeing one another again, or even communicating with one another.’ The Plague does not only depict the dramatic situation of an epidemic outbreak, but more so explores how humans act/react to such seemingly chaotic situations, in isolation. 


In response to this precarious exterior, we aim to explore its impact and effect on our equally fluctuating interior through the concept of INLAND. How do we conduct ourselves under the limitation of the physical territories? How may this current imposed separation have turned us into an isolated island conceptually and experientially? What kind of scenery will the ‘inland’ of this island show and what story does it tell? How then, are we to communicate with other ‘inlanders’? 

INLAND is a collaborative project between IKLECTIK (UK) and Lacking Sound Fest (Taiwan). This project consists of a month long online residency with the participation of 6 selected artists who will contribute and share their interpretation, exploration and investigation of the subject INLAND through sounds, images and text on the dedicated online platform. The project will culminate with an online exhibition and a live streamed concert.

This online collaborative residency is supported by and the National Culture and Arts Foundation in Taiwan.

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