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Final Projects

Suren Seneviratne - 'WhatIsTheSoundOfWater'

This soundtrack was created by manipulating field recordings I had made between London and Cornwall during June and July. My portable set up consisted of a DIY hydrophone into MiniDisc and a Zoom iQ7 condenser microphone. When listening back through all the material, I discovered fascinating sonic detail hidden beneath the surface by pitch-shifting and time-stretching the files using audio editing software. These new sonic textures were then arranged in such a way to create this new otherworldly soundscape.

Sheryl Cheung

During this month I’ve been listening to the surfaces and holes of my neighborhood. Walking through the night, my area is characterized by fluorescent shop lights faintly reflecting off cement walls. Using mostly a contact mic and a radio, oftentimes, I found sounds in one place that would be coming from somewhere unexpected, or from a network of sources all meddled into one texture. One night fellow resident artist Kate Carr shared that she was   playing her bike in her kitchen, intrigued, I set up my bike in my apartment and began to peddle with her in my mind. I hope to further explore our remote bike rides together.

Avsluta - 'Utterances'

Utterances is a work in progress, an ongoing investigation of internal and external worlds and their interconnections through the medium of sound and spoken word. 

The compositions are created purely with materials at hand - field recordings from past travels, home studio recordings of improvisation with objects and stream of consciousness poetry. The sounds are re-cycled through digital processing into new entities, some beyond recognition, others ambiguous or unashamedly obvious. The poetry captures snippets of everyday realities during isolation and touches on themes emerging from this prolonged period of solitude. Thoughts on deep ecology and general environmental philosophy engage with ponderings about spirituality and intimacy, creating a portrait of the complex world we inhabit and face with dread and wonder.

Yeh Ting Hao - 'Imagery Resonance'

Kate Carr - 'Pedalling'

For INLAND I've been looking at the boom in demand for bicycles which has come with the pandemic. With Taiwan one of the world's major producers of bikes, I discovered there are many links between London and Taipei forged through the manufacture of bikes, and bike parts. By pure coincidence my own bike is produced by the Taiwanese firm Giant, the world's biggest bicycle manufacturer and I have been exploring it as an object and an instrument which can speak somehow to this particular moment with the pandemic. This work contains contact mic, geophone and conventional recordings of my bicycle being ridden and 'played'.  It also contains field recordings of the streetscape in London and Taipei, with the Taipei recording taken by Sheryl Cheung.

Lai Tsung Yun

This work-in-progress piece is about reverse oscilloscope synthesizer. When I used the ilda laser protocol to manipulate the laser graphic, I found it turned the vector graphic to stereo audio first , then the laser point started drawing by X and Y axis  coordinates .  So I reverse the system and made a live-control set to make 3d model data into sound.  

The initiation and catalyst of my participation in the INLAND residency, the pandemic that imposes upon us and envelopes our lives in great uncertainty. It has brought me to ponder the relationship between people, and the relationship between the world of reality and virtuality.

Long before the pandemic being officially declared, the anxiety and fear caused by the urgent obtainment of adequate PPE and the introduction of social distancing have already become part and parcel of the everyday life in Taiwan, as the country being in the frontline of the fast-spreading outbreak due to its geographical proximity. The series of work conceived during the INLAND residency is produced under such social circumstances and atmosphere. I focus my attention and efforts on exploring familiar equipment through combining virtual modular synths (VCV Rack) with physical ones. Through the sonic interaction between the randomization and improvisation of the two modular systems, I strive to construct the internal scenery of mine, the scenery of INLAND, within the sonorous wall of complexity and density.

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