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Further thoughts on creating by re-cycling

In the past two weeks, I have been working on a composition created purely with the materials at hand - field recordings from my past travels, home studio recordings of objects and poetry of distilled feelings and impressions of lockdown.

The sounds are re-purposed through digital processing into new entities, some beyond recognition, others ambiguous or unashamedly obvious. Here presented are two drone snippets created by harmonic hum extraction from the original recordings.

The poetry is a stream of consciousness capturing snippets of everyday realities during isolation and touching on themes emerging from this prolonged period of solitude. Thoughts on deep ecology and general environmental philosophy engage with ponderings about spirituality and intimacy, creating a portrait of the complex world we inhabit and face with dread and wonder.

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Suren Seneviratne
Suren Seneviratne
Jul 18, 2020

This sounds brilliant. What is ‘harmonic hum extraction’? It sounds like it might be similar to some subtractive techniques I like doing in a creative way like Noise Reduction.

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