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Links + Traces

I've been thinking about what a residency can mean when you can't travel, when are not actually resident anywhere new.

So as a starting point I have begun to explore what links exist between Taipei and London, and how might these links have been impacted by the pandemic.

It might sound strange, but the beginning of my idea starts with bicycles. Taiwan is one of the world's major producers of bicycles and Coronavirus has seen demand boom. In London we are being encouraged to ride as a primary way of getting around, and there are long waiting lists to purchase bicycles so high has been demand. By pure coincidence, I already happen to own a Taiwanese bike, and I am exploring it as an object which can speak somehow to the links between Taipei and London, and to this particular moment with the pandemic.

My particular bike is a Giant, the world's largest bicycle company. There are several Giant stores near by home and I am planning to record my bicycle making these trips.

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